What is SCiENCE inclusive?

Science is entwined with every aspect of our existence, yet it remains impenetrable to many and disconnected from mainstream society. Things such as art, music, literature and religion are integral aspects of our culture – they are often the basis of our interests and hobbies, fill our everyday lives and are easily accessible to anybody who wants to pursue them.

Science, on the other hand, is often considered as somehow different – it is thought of as a difficult subject that is complicated and inaccessible. This is enhanced by the often insular scientific community, who are rarely enthusiastic about engaging the public. The result is the isolation of science from everyday culture, like an awkward guest at a party – unsure whether to join in, but making itself uninviting for others to embrace.

But the fact is that science is not separate from society, culture, the arts and humanities or anything else. It interacts with them in fascinating and surprising ways, and they complement and influence one another. The impact of research on our everyday lives increases every day, meaning it has never been so important for science to be open, accessible and inclusive of every aspect of our lives.

SCiENCE inclusive addresses this isolation of science by opening it up to everyone, not only making it easy to understand, but also exploring its connections and interactions with all aspects of our humanity and culture; the arts and humanitites, hobbies and interests, people and places, individuals and populations, minds and bodies, the past, present and future, and society as a whole.

SCiENCE inclusive makes science accessible and relevant to everyone, connecting science with people.


Behind SCiENCE inclusive

SCiENCE inclusive was established in 2011 by Ian Fyfe.

After studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and continuing onto a PhD in molecular pharmacology, Ian became increasingly interested in science writing. This interest was strengthened by his involvement with BlueSci, Cambridge University’s science magazine. He began working with BlueSci as an editor, before becoming Picture Editor, Issue Editor, and finally President for 2010.

Since working with BlueSci, Ian has become a member of the Association of British Science Writers and written for the science outlets below:

In addition, Ian has recently secured a freelance contract with Macmillan Science Communcations, parent company of the Nature Publishing Group, to write Research Highlights and feature articles for their Asia-Pacific division.

Besides science, Ian’s other interests include art, photography, and writing of all kinds, as well as current affairs, sport, literature and film. He hopes that the influences of his wide interests on each other create a unique mixture of the scientific, academic and artistic, demonstrated fully on his personal website www.ianfyfe.co.uk.

Ian is happy to consider freelance writing and editing work of any scale. Please contact him by email at freelance@scienceinclusive.com.

To contact SCiENCE inclusive for any other reason, please email inclusive@scienceinclusive.com.

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